Hello world!

You might know me; I’m a newspaper and digital veteran, having worked for small, medium and large newspapers and websites, reinventing myself as the times demand. I’ve been a member of the working press since 1976.

I started a highly successful online column, pre-blog, that is still running; I’ve reported on Haitian refugees on Florida beaches, militia conspirators in the Montana mountains and a segregation-defying pharmacist in northern Virginia. I have written obits of the great and the quirky, built websites, taught others to use technology and debugged, tested and taught the Washington Post’s new content management system to the newsroom.

I returned to my hometown to care for an aging parent during the early months of the pandemic, then retired from my job. Now I’m moving to Chicago, teaching a college class and finding what kind of life I’ll create without the demands of someone else’s schedule.

Life is personal and so is this website, so you’ll also see my real life here: my homes, my family, my favorite places, what I’ve privately read and publicly said.

tipping my Nationals cap

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