Stories I’ve Written

This will be a selection, given that I’ve been a journalist for 40-plus years. If you are a glutton for punishment, here’s my RSS feed from the Washington Post that has my last couple years of stories; otherwise I’ll put up a selection of some of my favorites.

Local news

“Spite house” blocks neighbor’s air, light, but city says it’s legal

Using his mom’s recipes, this Mexican immigrant became DC’s taco king

Tracking bicyclists on the bucolic Mount Vernon Trail

Entrepreneurs, residents on Columbia Pike anticipate redevelopment

A $1 million bus stop opens in Arlington

A pharmacist’s road from segregation to integration to revitalization

Jumbotron fails at presidential inauguration

Redevelopment in west Alexandria endangers low-income renters

Coal-fired power plant in urban DC area to close

911 emergency services fail for days after summer storm

              Why? Backup system failed

              FCC looks into failure

              The victim who died waiting for help


It’s all gone: Mexico Beach wiped away by Hurricane Michael

Florence has made Wilmington an island

Hurricane Irma in the farmworker town of Immokalee

From the obits desk (where we put the “fun” in funeral)

Rosa Parks

Steve Jobs

Betty Friedan

Francis Crick

George McGovern

Helen Thomas

Inventor of Valium Leo Sternbach

Brightest boy of 1929 Wilber B. Huston

Pioneering pilot Elinor Smith

Wrestler Reggie “The Crusher” Lisowski

Whirly Girl founder Jean Howard Phelan

The Watergate obit collection

Mark Felt, aka “Deep Throat” (Previous version, in which I share a byline with Bob Woodward)

Patrick Gray, the FBI director
Fred LaRue, the bagman
E. Howard Hunt, the organizer
Robert Mardian, the CRP’s attorney
Sam Garrison, the GOP counsel
Sam Dash, House Judiciary counsel
Rosemary Woods, the president’s secretary
DeVan Shumway, CRP’s spokesman


I’m slowly scanning some of my clips — yes, I did have a newspaper reporting career before the Internet. Here are a few, with wonderful photos attached. They’re scanned as image files so they are not quite as sharp as text usually is, but I hope they’re readable.

Miles City Bucking Horse Sale 1990

Whitefish Lake oil spill 1989

Militia of Montana, Noxon 1995

Militia of Montana, Bitterroot 1995

Montana wildfires 1994

*  Waltermire plane crash 1988